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Garden Beaconsfield

Mrs C.C​, Beaconsfield​

Client: Mrs C.C

Location: Beaconsfield

Landscaping Brief: To add style to an underused garden, creating an inviting space to eat and socialise in.

Project Summary:  Before we started the project the back garden was immaculate but lacking any particular style. The space was large but often unused. The clients have a seating area, but felt it needed more exciting features within it so it would be a welcoming place to spend long summer evenings.

The front garden also mimicked the back garden before we began our redesign, as the space was vast, yet very plain with no features. The design scoped out maintaining the bulk of the front garden and adding in elements to create a finished look, whilst using the majority of our resources at the back garden to create a stunning, modern redesign.

Before our team started work, we assessed the colour scheme. The tiles used outside were square and white, which had become weathered and needed vast upkeep. There was also a distinct stopping point from patio to garden which they wanted to eliminate. Our first redesign was of the front garden, and a few birch saplings were placed at intervals across the existing lawn to create height and texture. 

Turning to the back garden, we chose low water absorbing natural black slate tiles as the ideal materials for the seating and dining area and for the planters we chose bricks with a blue engineering brick capping because they are inherently frost resistant. We placed the new patio tiles in a space outside the house leading naturally into the garden, with a mix of evergreen trees to inject colour, texture and scents into the outdoor space.

We added extra touches that would add interest to the large space without detracting from it’s expanse. A circular reflecting pool and bbq were placed near the chairs and tables, providing a dual-use space for both relaxation in the day, as well as evening entertainment. Oak walkways made from beams provide dimension without stealing the show of the garden, and the mix of the slate and grass, brick and sharp lines created a very minimalist garden with plenty to look at. 

Mrs K.B​, Beaconsfield

Client: Mrs K.B​

Location: Beaconsfield

Landscaping Brief: To create a tranquil environment for contemplation using a modern garden design.

Project Summary: Before we began, a tiered softwood timber deck at the far end of the garden was in place. However, the clients wanted a more striking garden redesign. We commissioned a stand-alone oak pergola to be the core focal point. By adding in lighting from the joints and placing it on a weathered teak decking this new feature provides the perfect view both from the house and towards the house.

Towards the front of the garden we wanted to focus on making it a more natural space, but ensuring it was easily maintainable. We set about cutting and filling to create borders where plants could be given a unique display.

Before we started work a large tree had been the focus of the borders of the garden, so we removed it and created instead a flowing design using cream slabs to lead the eye to the pergola.

In it’s place we added a mixture of bright perennial plants, including a striking blossom tree and pampas grass that would catch the movement of the wind.

Mrs L.W​, Beaconsfield

Client: Mrs L.W​

Location: Beaconsfield

Landscaping Brief:  The client required a full landscaping redesign with a contemporary garden room to house a home gym. The style was to take elements from traditional Japanese garden design, with a Mediterranean feel from small pieces such as mosaics, blue pots and a swinging chair.

Project Brief: The client wanted to take the elements of a traditional English garden redesign with elements from Japanese landscaping to create a calming space with plenty of hidden areas.

The design started with us looking at a design that would create boundaries and areas into the garden, whilst maintaining the feeling of space. The client also wanted to incorporate their home gym, but rather than tucking it away, they came to Complete Landscapes Ltd to make it a ‘home away from home’ with reinforced floors and fibreboard insulation for the cooler winter months.

After consulting and designing the look of the space, the garden room was designed for them with a flat roof and a hidden slope, soffit overhangs, and that important Ultratherm insulation to the walls. We added vertical cladding and a recess at the front framing the doors and forming the alcove. Clear glass panel slider doors allow ventilation and an expansive view of the garden.

The path up to the garden room was designed with a contemporary feel, with gravel and slabs used together to create a diverse effect and reclaimed look frames that guide the way. Light beech steps separated an enclosed area of the garden to create two levels, and we used trellis fences on the decked area which were with hardwearing, rustic and faded beech patio furniture, which has the perfect soft finish to entertain in.

Despite the minimalist feel across the garden, it was important that the secluded entertaining areas had lots of natural, wild growing flowers. Over time these will fill the area and create even more of a secluded paradise.  Lighting came in the form of barrel lights that highlight the seating areas, and area also replicated for continuity along the side and the rears of the garden. A mixture of plantings were selected to grow haphazardly or in various pot sizes and colours – softening the structure of the linear entrance to the garden house and to break up the effect.

And finally, a modern and chic Ibiza chair hangs in the garden. making a total of 4 seating areas within the garden, all providing respite after a busy day and making this simple space appear larger, full of nooks to lose yourself in.