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Bespoke Garden Office

Garden Offices for lockdown and beyond!

Garden offices have been high on everyone’s agenda since lockdown 1.0 when people were first forced to work from home. People started to enjoy the extra time saved on a lengthy commute and seeing more of their family. Then their companies started telling them they were really happy with their productivity levels from home (perhaps unexpectedly) and that they were contemplating closing offices in the city to cut large overheads in the telling times of the pandemic. Then it happened for a lot of people. The city office was no more! And it was then that reality started to dawn on this new breed of remote-worker.

The delights of home-schooling were wearing a little thinner when conference calls were interrupted by scrapping and screaming children. Coffee table dwelling laptops became prime targets for napping cats, play dough or slime and spilt drinks when backs were turned and the temptation to wear jogging bottoms or even pajama’s all day long was all too much.

Time for a Garden Office?

This is when we started to hear from a lot more local professionals. Our Beaconsfield Barristers, our Marlow Marketeers, our Maidenhead Mechanical Engineers, our Hazlemere HR, Chalfont Counsellors and our Amersham Architects.

The problem was always the same = Space and Sound.

The solution… A garden room. An outbuilding to be used at least primarily as an office but with some extras for the whole family to enjoy in staycation season!

We designed and installed games rooms, bars, gyms and some self contained outbuildings with all the facilities required for a permanent change of scenery.

Garden Office and Gym, Beaconsfield

But it didn’t stop there. The more people migrated to their gardens, the more they wanted from them. Seating areas, outdoor kitchens, patios and decks, water features and numerous other improvements and enhancements have been delivered by our skilled and passionate team over the last 12 months.

Lockdown Garden Redesign, Beaconsfield

So if you’ve had enough of your spare room’s lack of soundproofing, your coffee table is giving you a bad back or you’re spending too much time in the fridge then give us a call. From simple garden office to bespoke design, installation and full garden landscaping, Complete Landscapes Ltd are here to help 🙂

Our owner Mark would love to come and visit, discuss your ideas and plan the next steps but just be aware, now more than ever, time is of the essence so don’t dwell on your decision – take that leap of faith – You won’t regret it.

Mrs L.W​, Beaconsfield

Client: Mrs L.W​

Location: Beaconsfield

Landscaping Brief:  The client required a full landscaping redesign with a contemporary garden room to house a home gym. The style was to take elements from traditional Japanese garden design, with a Mediterranean feel from small pieces such as mosaics, blue pots and a swinging chair.

Project Brief: The client wanted to take the elements of a traditional English garden redesign with elements from Japanese landscaping to create a calming space with plenty of hidden areas.

The design started with us looking at a design that would create boundaries and areas into the garden, whilst maintaining the feeling of space. The client also wanted to incorporate their home gym, but rather than tucking it away, they came to Complete Landscapes Ltd to make it a ‘home away from home’ with reinforced floors and fibreboard insulation for the cooler winter months.

After consulting and designing the look of the space, the garden room was designed for them with a flat roof and a hidden slope, soffit overhangs, and that important Ultratherm insulation to the walls. We added vertical cladding and a recess at the front framing the doors and forming the alcove. Clear glass panel slider doors allow ventilation and an expansive view of the garden.

The path up to the garden room was designed with a contemporary feel, with gravel and slabs used together to create a diverse effect and reclaimed look frames that guide the way. Light beech steps separated an enclosed area of the garden to create two levels, and we used trellis fences on the decked area which were with hardwearing, rustic and faded beech patio furniture, which has the perfect soft finish to entertain in.

Despite the minimalist feel across the garden, it was important that the secluded entertaining areas had lots of natural, wild growing flowers. Over time these will fill the area and create even more of a secluded paradise.  Lighting came in the form of barrel lights that highlight the seating areas, and area also replicated for continuity along the side and the rears of the garden. A mixture of plantings were selected to grow haphazardly or in various pot sizes and colours – softening the structure of the linear entrance to the garden house and to break up the effect.

And finally, a modern and chic Ibiza chair hangs in the garden. making a total of 4 seating areas within the garden, all providing respite after a busy day and making this simple space appear larger, full of nooks to lose yourself in.