Projects that mention Landscaping

Mrs M.B, Beaconsfield

Client: Mrs M.B

Location: Beaconsfield

Landscaping Brief:The front entrance and driveway was to be re-designed to be in keeping with the family home and needed to require minimal maintenance.

Project Summary: The client benefited from a wonderful expanse of space which we felt would work well with a traditional garden landscaping design. This involved a full planting scheme, as well as slates to create a border and the gravel driveway.

Slate paths were added to the direct exterior of the house as a border to create both a walk way and to match with the Tudor style architecture. 

Amongst the slates a horizontal border was cut and formed, with cedar topiary plants in varying sizes used amongst create a minimalist flower bed that works perfectly against the Cotswold cream gravel bed. Hedges and a turf patch at the front of the house in between the two entrance points provide a layer of privacy and perfect dimensions against the home, without the need to use gates or fences. These will continue to grow fuller, but will only require minimal maintenance.

The overall effect is striking yet simple, and will require minimal maintenance, whilst still allowing the front garden to be used as a driveway for multiple cars.

Mr J.T​, Wooburn Green

Client: Mr J​.T,

Location: Wooburn Green​

Landscaping Brief: The objective was to re-design the large rear garden creating a more modern feel and refreshing the look and feel of the garden space.

The client wanted a striking garden, despite having a very modern, one dimensional space to work with. For the project we decided to use this space as an advantage, and the project used elements from Japanese landscaping to give a minimalist look.

However, it was important that we added height and ‘the wow factor’ without risking overcrowding. The initial solution was based around the reclaimed look black pergola. The deep colour was perfect as a contrast against another feature that added brightness – the polar white marble aggregate and Cotswold chipping stones. These crisp cream angular stone bringing needed brightness to the garden with a buff texture.

We completed the pergola’s placing with narrow bamboo canes which were placed to add a visual break against the stones, whilst boxwood shrubs and acer maples created interest and added low maintenance nature to this clean and crisp garden. Limestone paving leads the way to the end of the garden, which leads naturally from the new decking from the main entrance to the garden. The mix of gravel with boulders of varying sizes add interest in large areas and provide a stunning overall effect.