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Garden Design beaconsfield

Mrs H.D, Beaconsfield

Client: Mrs H.D

Location: Beaconsfield

Landscaping Brief: The clients had a  vast space of land but it lacked the colour and warmth. The design scope was to use elements of a traditional English garden to add interest and vibrancy.

Project Summary:  The brief was to create a stunning English country garden redesign that could make the most of the vast amounts of space, creating areas that were designed to be meandered through on a warm day, but easy to maintain in the cooler months.

We started our redesign by looking at the flowers and shrubs that would make up the bulk of the redesign. Carefully chosen planting injects colour, texture and scents into the outdoor space so it was key that the design incorporated as many scents and types of plant as possible.

We used many varieties of ornamental grasses for a natural feel and the main planting colour theme is was purple, with perennial wall flowers all along the circular sides of the garden used to create a very full effect.

A trellis was added in the mid point of the garden to terrace and divide the spaces into more intimate areas.

Towards the front of the house, anew sandstone path with specially designed planters opens up the walkway into the garden and provides a lovely vantage point to enjoy the scenery.  

The result is the garden looks full and interesting, whilst the main areas for maintenance are the shrubs and plants along the borders, a deceptively simple redesign.

beaconsfield landscaping

Mr T.J​, Beaconsfield​

Client: Mr T.J

Location: Beaconsfield

Landscaping Brief: Redesign the front garden to create a modern space with lots of dimension that could still be used as a driveway.

Project Summary: The whole driveway area was completely broken out and removed from site and replaced with purbeck block paving in a Herringbone pattern. There were natural curvatures of the ground that meant the drive sloped gently upwards. The look of this was minimised by the strong geometry of the lines used in the borders and the crisp white against the mixed stone. The raised planting beds in white stone are striking whilst also being actually slender in size so as not to take away the space that makes this driveway functional. The raised height helps make an impact so the focus was on building waist height walls instead of encroaching on the drive space.

Within the planting beds, we used a mixture of stones and textures contrast with the existing paving. The use of taller bushes such as bay adds in interest without the maintenance of a hedge.   The plants used included dashes of yellow wildflowers and lavender to give a natural finish against the modern colours and textures of the raised bed.   Slat fencing allows privacy whilst still giving the driveway an open feel.


Mrs K.B​, Beaconsfield

Client: Mrs K.B​

Location: Beaconsfield

Landscaping Brief: To create a tranquil environment for contemplation using a modern garden design.

Project Summary: Before we began, a tiered softwood timber deck at the far end of the garden was in place. However, the clients wanted a more striking garden redesign. We commissioned a stand-alone oak pergola to be the core focal point. By adding in lighting from the joints and placing it on a weathered teak decking this new feature provides the perfect view both from the house and towards the house.

Towards the front of the garden we wanted to focus on making it a more natural space, but ensuring it was easily maintainable. We set about cutting and filling to create borders where plants could be given a unique display.

Before we started work a large tree had been the focus of the borders of the garden, so we removed it and created instead a flowing design using cream slabs to lead the eye to the pergola.

In it’s place we added a mixture of bright perennial plants, including a striking blossom tree and pampas grass that would catch the movement of the wind.

Back Garden Soft Landscaping - Beaconsfield

Mrs M.B​, Beaconsfield​

Client: Mrs M.B,

Location: Beaconsfield

Landscaping Brief: The brief was to re-design the large rear garden which was looking tired and in need of some modernisation, with low maintenance in mind. It was also key to have a great place to sit and relax, ideally with a Mediterranean feel.

Project Summary:  Creating a social environment was the core aim of the project, and the Mediterranean feel led to an easy design spec, with lots of bold white, splashes of orange and modern takes on the classic features such as the fire pit. 

We started by creating a new large flush balau deck around the house which provides the perfect relaxing space, and to the side we created more structured edges with the rendered white brick to perfectly compliment a  focal point of a fire pit complete with minimalist beech benches, the perfect place to spend a long summer evening. 

This was finished with Rattan furniture on the deck that was sourced locally.

Specially designed planters around the large open sofas provided an enclosed entertaining space required by a family and these were created to be slightly higher than eye level when sitting to create a cornered off haven and wind protection. The plants were chosen carefully, with low-maintenance succulents, bushes and hedges used to make up the bulk of the garden, with dashes of orange add to the Mediterranean feel of the redesign. The white however is still the dominant colour and creates a border area between the entertaining space and the rest of the linear garden.

Paving steps were laid out in a modern design to lead the foot forward and create an even greater sense of length.

Mrs M.B, Beaconsfield

Client: Mrs M.B

Location: Beaconsfield

Landscaping Brief:The front entrance and driveway was to be re-designed to be in keeping with the family home and needed to require minimal maintenance.

Project Summary: The client benefited from a wonderful expanse of space which we felt would work well with a traditional garden landscaping design. This involved a full planting scheme, as well as slates to create a border and the gravel driveway.

Slate paths were added to the direct exterior of the house as a border to create both a walk way and to match with the Tudor style architecture. 

Amongst the slates a horizontal border was cut and formed, with cedar topiary plants in varying sizes used amongst create a minimalist flower bed that works perfectly against the Cotswold cream gravel bed. Hedges and a turf patch at the front of the house in between the two entrance points provide a layer of privacy and perfect dimensions against the home, without the need to use gates or fences. These will continue to grow fuller, but will only require minimal maintenance.

The overall effect is striking yet simple, and will require minimal maintenance, whilst still allowing the front garden to be used as a driveway for multiple cars.

Mr J.T​, Wooburn Green

Client: Mr J​.T,

Location: Wooburn Green​

Landscaping Brief: The objective was to re-design the large rear garden creating a more modern feel and refreshing the look and feel of the garden space.

The client wanted a striking garden, despite having a very modern, one dimensional space to work with. For the project we decided to use this space as an advantage, and the project used elements from Japanese landscaping to give a minimalist look.

However, it was important that we added height and ‘the wow factor’ without risking overcrowding. The initial solution was based around the reclaimed look black pergola. The deep colour was perfect as a contrast against another feature that added brightness – the polar white marble aggregate and Cotswold chipping stones. These crisp cream angular stone bringing needed brightness to the garden with a buff texture.

We completed the pergola’s placing with narrow bamboo canes which were placed to add a visual break against the stones, whilst boxwood shrubs and acer maples created interest and added low maintenance nature to this clean and crisp garden. Limestone paving leads the way to the end of the garden, which leads naturally from the new decking from the main entrance to the garden. The mix of gravel with boulders of varying sizes add interest in large areas and provide a stunning overall effect.

Mrs L.W​, Beaconsfield

Client: Mrs L.W​

Location: Beaconsfield

Landscaping Brief:  The client required a full landscaping redesign with a contemporary garden room to house a home gym. The style was to take elements from traditional Japanese garden design, with a Mediterranean feel from small pieces such as mosaics, blue pots and a swinging chair.

Project Brief: The client wanted to take the elements of a traditional English garden redesign with elements from Japanese landscaping to create a calming space with plenty of hidden areas.

The design started with us looking at a design that would create boundaries and areas into the garden, whilst maintaining the feeling of space. The client also wanted to incorporate their home gym, but rather than tucking it away, they came to Complete Landscapes Ltd to make it a ‘home away from home’ with reinforced floors and fibreboard insulation for the cooler winter months.

After consulting and designing the look of the space, the garden room was designed for them with a flat roof and a hidden slope, soffit overhangs, and that important Ultratherm insulation to the walls. We added vertical cladding and a recess at the front framing the doors and forming the alcove. Clear glass panel slider doors allow ventilation and an expansive view of the garden.

The path up to the garden room was designed with a contemporary feel, with gravel and slabs used together to create a diverse effect and reclaimed look frames that guide the way. Light beech steps separated an enclosed area of the garden to create two levels, and we used trellis fences on the decked area which were with hardwearing, rustic and faded beech patio furniture, which has the perfect soft finish to entertain in.

Despite the minimalist feel across the garden, it was important that the secluded entertaining areas had lots of natural, wild growing flowers. Over time these will fill the area and create even more of a secluded paradise.  Lighting came in the form of barrel lights that highlight the seating areas, and area also replicated for continuity along the side and the rears of the garden. A mixture of plantings were selected to grow haphazardly or in various pot sizes and colours – softening the structure of the linear entrance to the garden house and to break up the effect.

And finally, a modern and chic Ibiza chair hangs in the garden. making a total of 4 seating areas within the garden, all providing respite after a busy day and making this simple space appear larger, full of nooks to lose yourself in.